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Ford engines

250 CROSSFLOW: Our first Falcon 250 to go to the dyno (blue engine on be) spat out 306hp @ 5800rpm 295ft-lb @ 3500rpm. After developing the engine, we built custom extractors to gain maximiun torque & horsepower with a smooth delivery for racing in the dirt.

Determined to go faster, Phil built another 250 Falcon engine, porting a new head & making another set of extractors, and back to the dyno we went (below). 330hp @ 6100rpm, 330Lb @ 3800rpm proved very strong and competitive. 

from 250 crossflow to 4V-head V8s


THE BOSS: 302ci Ford Boss engine, flat tappet cam, our CPR Cylinder heads, made 405hp @ 6900rpm & 385ft-lb @ 3800rpm. Nice steet car engine.

OLD BANGER: 1937 sidevalve V8 with 105hp at the tyre!