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Two hours, four spanners, 20hp more minimum at the tyres

Bolt on an 11% power increase to standard alloytec

Welcome to Performance Manifolds, the home of the CPR6 inlet manifold for V6 alloytecs, predominantly found in Holden Commodores, Colorado and Rodeo and other "LY7" codenamed GM engines.

You can add 20rwhp to your alloytec V6 in a couple of hours in your back shed, right up to a maximum 444bhp with one of our full setups.

Yes, we're for real. Check out the photos of the manifold and video of our latest engine on the dyno, and the flow charts and dyno graphs of the output figures.

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Experts in alloytechs

CPR6 manifolds: Click images to enlarge

Using our years of experience in flow-bench technology, the CPR6 allows your engine to breathe better, producing better horsepower while actually returning better fuel consumption figures as well.

Or you can try any of a dozen combinations of add-on parts and still be assured that our manifold will increase the power by the same amount regardless. If you've already got a better exhaust, our 20hp goes on top of that.

On a standard engine in the family VE sedan, the modified manifold returns 8.6l/100km which helps the family budget. Best of all, you can unbolt it if you sell the car and fit it to your next alloytec.

Bolt on & enjoy!


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