V8 Supercar performance

Over a decade of research and development Performance Manifolds has revolutionised the Holden V6 & V8 engines to power levels that Peter Brook would be first in line for.

Your VZ, VE or VF Commodore can now have the power of a V8 Supercar with the 100% Aussie made CPR 8 intake manifold. That's right, up to 100 horsepower gains over standard manifold on a performance engine.

Get our manifold on or get out the way!

Engine efficiency is how power is made - by maximizing the volumetric efficiency by air & harmonic dynamics of valve timing, air flow & exhaust sizing. 

Our CPR8 intake manifold takes advantage of the maximum airflow potential of a LS3 cylinder head.

How do we know? Well we know 650hp at the crank is the total air potential of the standard 821 casting number on head of the L98 engine. You lose approximately 25% through the driveline of any car, which works out at 487.5hp.

Guess what? Our 6.0lt LS engine standard engine, no ported heads, just the CPR8 intake manifold, cam and exhaust system 490 rwhp @ 6800rpm. See the dyno chart >> The stock engine produces just 307rwhp.

Want more? With 410 cubic inches and ported cylinder heads with our CPR8 you have the potential for 750hp at the crank with NO BOOST from turbo or superchargers.

We have the runs on the board

We proved we know what we are talking about with 330rwhp from a 3.6 V6 alloytec (standard engine) @ 8000rpm, which shows that the bolt-on products we manufacture work without pulling your engine apart. Considering standard is 190, that's a hell of an improvement!