CPR6 aftermarket V6 alloytec manifold 

V6 alloytec manifold for Holden Commodore, Rodeo, Colorado adds at least 11% more power

Double the plenum volume of standard manifold


Open up and say ahhh: The standard manifold (left) and the easy-breathing CPR6. 

You can add 20rwhp to your alloytec V6 in a couple of hours in your back shed. On a standard engine in the family VE sedan, the modified manifold returns 8.6l/100km which helps the family budget. Click here for more facts and figures >>

Watch the 444bhp engine on the dyno

Yes, that's right 444 horses from a naturally-aspirated V6 Alloytec engine. Tuned by the renowned Phil Laird at the engine dyno at KV's Fabrication in Maroochydore. Note the figures on the screen are the uncorrected figures, so we've also included the corrected figures in chart form below. We're confident we can get 500hp in the near future out of these engines so if you're keen to know more, get in touch.

The video below was taken in 2008, with the engine that you see on the engine dyno the same one that is in the Performance Manifolds ute seen at the start of the vid. We are now pulling 444hp.

If the video stutters, simply press pause, wait for a bit to download and then start playing again.