Jarrid's shiny new toy

Jarrid from Queensland had a few beers and polished his new CRP6 manifold before installing it himself on his VZ 05 SV6 5speed auto, with extractors, twin 2 1/2" system and SS induction growler kit . It looks awesome. And as the photo shows, he gets 6.1l/100km on cruise at highway speeds to boot. See Jarrid's kind words below.


"Would just like to say thanks for the support and personal service that you guys have offered.
"Very happy with the performance and economy that the CPR6 manifold has given me, could tell the difference straight after bolting it up and like the growl that comes with it.

"Gained an extra gear doing a skid at the drags. Will look forward to going on the 1/4 mile at Willowbank and seeing the difference.

"With a few handy tips and instructions it was very easy and straight forward, few mates, beer or 2 and was drive in drive out in less than 30 minutes

"Refer to the pics and you can see the manifold polished up quite well, after a few beers and a few spare hours

"Soon will be 3.4 diff gears and a good tune up . Be giving the V8 guys a nice suprise."

Daniel, South Perth, WA

"Phil, thanks very much for such a fine product, it was bolted on a few months ago and the difference in power and handling is awseome! it does not feel like its the same old slug! Especially with my Supercharger on it. I also wanted to thank you for your help over the phone back then for explaining some bits and pieces to the mechanics that fitted it for me."